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BCIS Scholarships (Grades 9-12 only)

BCIS awards two kinds of scholarship (academic and merit scholarships) to inspire and nurture exceptional talents for students entering Grades 9-12 who embody and exemplify the mission and vision of BCIS.

Information about the BCIS Scholarship Program can be found on the BCIS website:

Students applying for a BCIS Scholarship are required to:
- Write a 600-800 word essay
- Submit at least 2 letters of recommendation from teachers
- Submit supporting evidence (eg awards, certificates, testimonials, published work etc.)
- Complete an interview with the BCIS Scholarship Committee

Scholarship Application Timeline:
- BCIS Scholarship applications open on 1 March
- BCIS Scholarship applications close on 1 April
- Scholarship interviews occur during April
- Applicants will be notified in writing before 31 May

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The parent/guardian acceptance below constitutes an agreement with the following information. Please read carefully and sign below. 请家长/监护人仔细阅读并需签字确认包含下述内容的协议:

The parent/guardian understands that this application constitutes a contract with Beijing City International School(北京乐成国际学校)once the child(ren) has enrolled at school and is subject to the following conditions:一旦学生完成入学手续,家长/监护人应了解,与北京乐成国际学校签订的包含以下条款的入学申请,具有合同效力。

1.The parent/guardian will abide by the school’s established policies, rules and procedures, including those described in the Parent/Student Handbook ( 家长/监护人需遵守学校以及家长/学生手册所列明的各项规章制度 (。

2.The parent/guardian understands that he/she is liable for payment of all applicable fees as stated in the invoice (Payment Notice) which he/she will receive, regardless of any subsidies provided by his/her employer/organization. 家长/监护人应了解,他/她有义务按付款通知单上注明的金额付清所有相关费用(无论其雇主/单位为其子女提供的补助金金额是否可以抵扣所有费用)。

3.The parent/guardian understands that his/her child(ren), when at school, attending school sponsored events and when taking or boarding the school bus are at all times supervised by staff members or other responsible adults who will exercise all reasonable caution. The parent/guardian agrees that the school and its members cannot accept any liability for accidents or incidents which may occur either on campus, on organized trips or in connection with the child’s participation in the school bus service. 家长/监护人应了解, 他/她的孩子在校期间, 参加学校举行的各类校内活动,从家或学校上下校车,参加学校组织的外出活动时,都是有学校人员/其他指定成人全程监护。如果学生在校期间、往返学校的路途中、学校校园内、校车或学校组织的外出活动中发生意外事故,家长/监护人应认同学校及校方人员对上述情况不能承担任何责任。

4.The parent/guardian hereby gives permission for his/her child(ren) to take part in school field trips within Beijing during regular school hours. The parent/guardian understands that his/her written permission will be required for field trips that take place outside regular school hours and/or outside of Beijing. 家长/监护人应了解,签署此协议将代表同意他/她的孩子在校期间参加由学校组织的北京市内的实地考察旅行活动。家长/监护人应了解,如果该活动在非在校期间或者是在北京市外组织进行,我们将要求家长签署书面许可。

5.The parent/guardian understands that it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure that the child(ren) is covered with current and comprehensive health insurance during his/her time at the school. 家长/监护人应了解,在校期间,作为家长/监护人应有责任为子女投保最新的综合健康保险。

6.The parent/guardian understands and agrees that academic and/or diagnostic testing may be administered to the child to plan or enhance his/her educational programme once he/she is registered or enrolled. 家长/监护人应了解并同意,在学生登记/注册时,我校可以对学生进行学术性或诊断性测试,以便根据测试制定适合该学生的教育计划。

7.The parent/guardian understands that he/she must read and agree to the IB and IDEATE Regulations (PYP, MYP, DP or IDEATE as appropriate) as published on the school website. 学生家长/监护人须仔细阅读并认同和遵循学校网站上公布的IB和IDEATE课程的相关规定。

8. The parent/guardian understands that the child’s parents are the primary contacts required by the school and as such both parents need to provide a current email address and telephone number. The parent/guardian agrees that they should keep the school informed of any changes in contact details by contacting the school office ( 家长/监护人应了解,孩子的主要联系人为孩子父母,家长/监护人需要提供父母双方的常用邮箱和联系电话号码以作记录。如果联系方式有变,家长/监护人须立即通知学校(。

9.Unless the parent/guardian requests otherwise in writing, the school retains the right to use the child(ren)’s photos in its promotional materials, its website and on its online learning sites. 除非家长/监护人提出书面要求,否则学校将保留使用学生照片的权利,该照片可用于广告宣传材料,学校网页设计以及在线学习网站。

10. Unless the parent/guardian requests otherwise in writing, the child(ren)’s name(s), grade(s), home telephone numbers and email address will be printed in the school directory and handbook. 除非家长/监护人提出书面要求,否则学校有权将学生的名字、年级、家庭电话和电子邮件信箱刊登在学校的内部目录和手册上。

Please retain a copy of any personal document requested with this Application Form. 在提交报名表时,请自留一份原始文件。

Date: Jul 03, 2020